Friday, 29 April 2011

| | | |.....__>*>*>* NO iMpAcT MaN *<*<*<__....| | | |

Ayer fui a ver la proyección de este documental:

No impact
Se trata de un proyecto llevado a cabo por Colin Beavan, un escritor que decide probar a vivir un año causando el menor imacto ambiental posible, es decir: no usar transportes motorizados (ni coche, ni avión, ni metro, ni bus...), no comprar nada en un año menos comida (cultivada de forma local), no usar nada desechable que genere basura incluido el papel higiénico, vivir sin tele...y llega hasta el extremo de vivir sin electricidad en los últimos 6 meses del experimento! En su aventura-locura participan tambien su mujer (adicta a las compras y a la tele) y su hija de 2 años.  La idea es saber qué es lo que REALMENTE se necesita para tener una vida sana, cómoda y feliz procurando no dañar el planeta. Al cabo de ese año decidirán lo que quieren recuperar de su anterior vida y lo que es completamente superfluo...Lo que descubren con todas estas privaciones es una nueva vida mucho más plena y feliz...Sí, lo pasan mal a veces, sobre todo su mujer, pero descubren otras cosas que no proporciona el dinero ni el consumo y que son mil veces más enriquecedoras.

El trailer:


Es un documental que TODO EL MUNDO debería ver.

Habla también de la importancia de actuar de forma individual, de no esperar a que los políticos u otros poderes hagan algo para cambiar la situación nos preocupa y no nos gusta, algo podemos hacer aunque pensemos que no cambiaremos nada. Es muy muy interesante este artículo suyo, esta en inglés, pero merece mucho la pena leerlo. También os recomiendo que visiteis su blog, espero que os sirva de inspiración!


I copied here this article from Colin Beavan, the author on NO IMPACT MAN, a wonderful documentary that I highly recomend to everyone in the world...

                            Advice from an Accidental Activist                                          

The following article was originally published in Yes! Magazine at this location. Other articles I've published in Yes! include: "Ten Ways to Change Your Life," "Fight Climate Change: Live the Good Life," and "Christmas with No Presents."

So many of us have good ideas for helping the world. But we tuck our ideas away. I did. I’d tell myself that if the idea were any good someone else would have already done it. That I’m not capable of making a difference. I’d sit on my ideas, get on with my “life,” and then feel angry at the world because the problems I cared about didn’t get solved.

I had that fear of going first.

Then I took my first hapless step into what I call accidental activism. In 2006, I started a project where I lived as environmentally as possible for a year—with my little family, on the ninth floor of an apartment building in the middle of New York City—to attract attention to the world’s environmental, economic, and quality of life crises.

I had no experience as an activist. Yet suddenly my project caught fire.

My book and film, both titled No Impact Man, ended up being translated into 20-plus languages. Some philanthropists appeared and offered me funding to hire consultants to get off the ground. About 20,000 people have now participated in our educational immersion program, No Impact Week.

And how have I felt through all this?

Like a deer in the headlights.

How am I supposed to stand up to all this? Surely people can see how selfish and shortsighted I am? That I’m sometimes mean to my family? People like me aren’t supposed to do things like this. We’re supposed to wait for people who have their acts together, and follow them.

But if we wait for those people, we’re done for.

There are a lot of people who know way more about activism and citizen engagement than me. I’m pretty ordinary. Frankly, I don’t even always want to be of service. But I’ve now learned a lot about how to be an ordinary person, filled with self-doubt, who still takes the risk of trying to do something about the world. Maybe you’re like me. And maybe the things that have helped me will help you, too.

Be Stupid Enough to Take The First Step

My first step was just to begin living with the lowest possible environmental impact. A few people said I was “too stupid to know that one person can’t make a difference.” Think on this story (with apologies for high schmaltz quotient):

Two frogs—one very smart and one very stupid—are caught in a bowl of cream. The sides are too steep to climb and they have no foothold to jump. The stupid one begins to swim as hard and fast as he can. The smart one looks over and says to himself, “He’s too stupid to know that all that effort will make no difference.”

Having weighed the hopelessness of the situation, the smart one decides that the most intelligent thing is to give up. So—Blub!—he drowns. The stupid one keeps trying. Just when his legs are about to give out the cream starts to get thicker. His struggling has churned the cream to butter. He’s surprised to find himself on solid ground. He jumps out. By stupidly pursuing the first step (swimming), the second step (jumping out) appeared, as if by magic.

The question is not whether you can make a difference. The question is, do you want to be the person who tries? Do you want to be like the smart frog, who relies on the brain that tells him there is no solution, or the stupid frog, whose heart tells him to try anyway?

Maybe you care about food deserts and kids not having access to good food, or maybe it’s incarceration of local youth, or maybe, like me, you worry about inaction on climate change. Whatever it is, pick up your placard or call your senator or gather your friends. Don’t worry about the second step. Just be too stupid to know the first step won’t work.

Use Your Personal Story to Inspire a Movement

Part of the reason one person can make a difference is that one person’s efforts soon inspire other people’s efforts. So inspire other people to get involved by sharing your personal story. Not just the story, say, of the hungry children in the Global South who you are trying to help, but your own story.

In No Impact Man, I share stories of how I tried to keep my food fresh without a refrigerator, how I had to eat mostly cabbage in the winter, and how I washed my laundry by hand. People didn’t suddenly realize that they, too, should hand-wash their clothes. Instead, they learned, not that they should make a difference—which statistics and figures tell us—but that they can make a difference—which personal stories have the power to tell.

It is through the personal that people connect with the political.

No matter what your cause, look for the powerful, personal story about how you got involved and how being involved has improved your life in some way. I’ve heard it said we shouldn’t have to tell these stories—that people should automatically care. The thing is, once they know, people do care. The problem is that they are often overwhelmed by it. So the job is not to shove information at them that makes them feel guilty for not doing something. The job is to give them a story that shows them how to do something.

Get Off the Internet and Into Real Life

Back in the ’60s, a string of civil rights sit-ins began when four students from a black college in North Carolina sat down at a whites-only Woolworth lunch counter. In the end, about 70,000 students participated in sit-ins that spread across the state. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in a recent New Yorker article, the action didn’t start with lots of Twitter followers. It started with lots of flesh-and-blood (as opposed to Facebook) friends.

The strong social bonds and long-standing mutual trust gave those first four students the bravery to stand up for themselves. Gladwell says that the strong ties of real friendship and community—not the weak ties of the virtual world—are necessary to make us feel supported enough to take meaningful risks for our values.

I ran a blog at and many thousands of people came there to discuss their views on and methods of environmental living. It was a good thing. In the absence of real-life communities of shared environmental values, the blog provided a lot of people with some measure of community support. But the stronger, more action-oriented communities are formed in my work when people come together for our No Impact Weeks.

One of the most accomplished friendship-based communities I am familiar with,, the grassroots climate organization, began with a group of students who lived together at college and then in the Bay Area. They have grown their little house party into an international organization of hundreds of thousands of climate activists. They use the Web to aggregate the actions of thousands of friendship-based groups. But the point is the actions taken by small communities of friends or neighbors—not the information sharing.

So use the Internet, of course. But use it to get people to do things in real life. What if the many hours spent leaving angry comments on the Huffington Post were instead spent gathering once a week in a coffee shop. Sooner or later, real action—as opposed to real, um, clicks—might occur. Get people to come together. They need each other.

Trust Your Vision

So you have your idea, you’ve taken your first step, you’ve gathered like-minded people, and now you have a little bit of energy and success. Great news! This is when the critics and second-guessers arrive. That’s a reason for not getting started in the first place, right? Nobody bothers to second-guess you when you’re just fantasizing about your great idea.
I suddenly found myself invited to go on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer. As they say: WTF? I was horrified. I’m sure I had an overinflated sense of my own importance, but I was worried I could send people in the wrong direction.

I had no real endorsement other than—again—my own trust in my intentions. I had to go on national television trusting in myself and my vision.

Absolutely the hardest thing of all was this: I had to accept that I might be wrong and do it anyway.

Sadly, lots of arguments break out in activist communities about best methods. People tear each other apart as though the scenario is either/or when really it’s and/also. We need many shoulders against many doors. What I’ve learned as I’ve come to meet so many amazing engaged citizens is that it takes many different strategies and many different styles to make the changes we’re hoping for.

So trust your vision. You may find that the biggest sacrifice you can make for the world is to face the possibility of being publicly wrong. And to move forward anyway.

Take Care of Yourself

Once you get involved in this kind of work, the pressures mount—many of them from within rather than without. We need to take care of both the insides and the outsides. I started by saying you just need to take the first step, but this step is just as important. If you can’t sustain yourself, you can’t sustain your work.

No Impact Man, in many ways, began as an extension of my meditation practice. A lot of the confidence I needed came from inklings of understanding of the Truth—whatever the hell that is. And of Service. But while I was making time for TV appearances and press interviews and rallies and favors and guest appearances on blogs I lost time for my meditation.

Then anxiety arrived. And depression. I was running on fumes. I was draining the battery without charging it. The good news is that I am back to my regular practice. I feel better. Of course, I’m not saying you should necessarily meditate, just that you need to find what suits you to take care of your insides.

About the outsides: A couple of years ago, after so many TV interviews and radio interviews and international press appearances (and, by the way, repeatedly having to face accusers who said I was trying to get rich from the world’s problems), I looked at my bank balance and saw I had about $200 left—about $3,000 less than my monthly nut. I’d been working all my waking hours on what I believed in and couldn’t take care of myself.Luckily for me, I didn’t have to change much (like, I began to ask to get paid when someone asked me to make a speech) but I did have to face my guilt and confront my monkish self-image. There is a meme in our culture: You can be a monk or a merchant. Monks do good and merchants make money. If you make any money—if you find a way to take care of your outsides—you can’t be an ascetic monk, and you’re not really doing good.

Imagine, though, if we create a new meme. What if we show each other how wonderfully well we’re managing as a result of taking our ideas for social change and running with them? What if we bragged about outperforming the bankers every so often?

But even if we don’t get the chance to do that, we should at least make good homes out of our lives. Without loving ourselves, the love for others will wither. By taking the burden of the world on our shoulders, we leave no room for the strength of others. In other words, have fun!

After all, the world isn’t worth saving if there isn’t time for joking around.

Besides, we might as well enjoy ourselves when you realize how much work there is to get done. With two wars in progress, melting ice caps, and an economic system teetering on the brink of collapse, there just isn’t time to wait for some guru or leader to give us permission to act on our good ideas.

Who’s going to fix things if it isn’t us? I can’t help thinking that the time has come for us to take back our culture. It’s time for every citizen with a good idea to get to work, to trust yourself, to start. Sooner or later you have to accept the fact that you need no other authority than your good intentions and your loving heart.

Posted by Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man here

Thursday, 28 April 2011

! | ! | ! ! | ! ! | ! ! | !AsTouNdiNg KniTS! | ! ! | ! ! | ! ! | ! |

Ayer recibi este libro que compre hace unos dias por Amazon!

IMG_6782Ya haré una review en condiciones, pero os adelanto que tiene cosas muy muy chulas...cuanto friki del punto hay por ahi!!!y yo una más...que no paro de tejer ni en el taxi!!
Yesterday this book about knitting madness arrived to my home!!!so many people is friking out about knitting...including me!


Hoy he conocido en el Cosulado de España en Shanghai a Violeta, una señora de Oviedo encantadora. Apareció en la sala de espera  con su hija y enseguida empezó a conversar con los alli presentes con mucha gracia y salero.

Ella está por segunda vez en Shanghai visitando a su hija Verónica que lleva 5 años en la ciudad. Conversamos  sobre muchos temas como la gastronomia asturiana,  se quejaba de que su hija cada vez está mas delgada por culpa de la comida china que sirve para "lucir el esqueleto" o de lo mal que lo ha pasado estos dias santos sin poder ir a misa, de lo bien que se viste la gente en Oviedo "hay que echarle guindas al pavo!", del cutis tan estupendo que tienen las chinas, de cuál es el mejor color para el invierno que viene de cara a hacerse un traje, de lo conteta que esta de seguir la boda real de mañana por internet...y hasta de de la victoria del Barça!

Con sus expresiones y su acento asturiano me recordaba a alguna de mis abuelitas. Me prestó mucho (encantó) sentirme como en casa a tantos miles de kilómetros de ella.

Today I met Violeta in the spanish consulate in Shanghai. She is a charming lady from my home town, Oviedo. She is visiting her daughter Veronica for the second tine in China. We chat about so many things. I felt like "at home" listening to her way of talking and reminded me of my was a very nice feeling!

+*_¨´´´´´´´´´VamoS a La pLaYa!!¨¨¨¨¨¨´´´´´´´´_^¨*_

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de Hong Kong es que está rodeada de exuberante naturaleza y playas tropicales! Aprovechando que el domingo fue el único día soleado del finde cogimos un taxi20110424_0083...para plantarnos en 15 min aquí:

 .................Playa.............. y sin gente!!20110424_0060

Yo, sin parar de tricocar...pensando en mi sofá!
Y para comer, chiringuito tailandés! con su agua de coco, pad thai y disfrutaba de este combo de playa+chiringuito desde las vacaiones en Tailandia!
20110424_0061Qué bien se está de vacaciones....  
Aunque sea por unas horas!

Something great about HK is that is surrounded by amazing nature and tropical beaches. In a 15 min taxi drive you can be in a empty beach and having lunch in a chiringuito enjoying a coco water and feeling so ¨holiday¨relaxed for a couple of hours...suuuuuuper nice!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

..::..::..^J^..::..UmBreLLa BaG !..::.. ^J^..::.::..

En mi última vista a Tokio me quedé prendada de este bolso con paraguas:


Y hoy paseando por la red  me he encontrado con este!!!


 In my last visit to Tokio I felt in love with that umbrella surfing the web I found this one!

                      >>>>>>>>          UMBRELLA BAG IS A TREND     !  !                >>>>>>>>>  

\|z\'/\| z\'/\ |z| \'/ BraZiliAn bRaCeleTs \'/ \|z\'/\| z\'/\ |/

  Mi próximo DIY proyecto se va a centrar en volver a hacer las pulseritas de nudos de mi infancia...siempre me han encantado los motivos gémetricos y los colores que tienen y son muy entretenidas de hacer!

He descubierto a estas chicas, Frieda+ Nellie, me gustan muchisimo las mezclas que hacen


super super beautiful!!!

  Straight from the Garden copy

I will focus my next DYI projet in making the knotted brazilian brazelets from my childhood, I got very inspired by Frieda and Nellie and their amazing material love total!

=+_!_+=+_! ! KniTTinG pRojeCT n.5! ! _+=+_!_+=

Ya sé que era previsible...pero.....esto era lo que me traía entre manos!!!!!

IMG_6748Nuevo sofá en mi rincón favorito de la casa!!
My last knitting project in the most cozy place of my home...I'm so happy!!!!

.-.,..-.,.-.,.-.,.-.,Hk DeLiGhTs!.-.,..-.,.-.,.-.,.-.,

Este finde en Hong Kong he podido deleitarme con las recetas  de mi amiga Paola. Nada más llegar, y como recibimiento, degustación de pizzas caseras!

IMG_1170 Esta es la pinta que tenían recién horneadas....

Al día siguiente para desayunar, pan y merrmeladas caseras...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 
IMG_1183 Otro hit hongkonita son los mapas que prepara Ignacio con todos los hotspots de la ciudad...siempre me doy unos paseos estupendos, luego los guardo y los colecciono!
IMG_1207 This weekend I could enjoy the delicious recipies from my friend Paola. We had amazing home made pizzas for dinner on friday and everyday for breakfast, homade bread and jam....sooooo nice!! Another super fav from Hk are the little maps that Ignacio design for me, they have all the hot spots in town to make beautiful and super interesting walks, I always keep them and I already have my little collection!

Monday, 25 April 2011


Beber agua caliente es algo más que un habito un estilo de vida!

En España consumir bebidas calientes no es algo que le guste a todo el mundo, y beber agua caliente...a mi también me parecia muy raro...pero ahora soy fan!

En oriente tienen la teoria de que ingerir bebidas frias provocha un shock en el cuerpo.  Por otro lado son conscientes de lo importante que es tener el cuerpo bien hidratado PARA TODO. Se pasan el dia bebiendo, con sus termos llenos de te o agua caliente. Cuando voy al médico chino, a darme un masaje o comento alguna de mis dolencias con mis compis chinas, siempre me recomiendan lo miso: drink more hot water. Asi que cada mañana en ayunas me tomo un vaso de hot water, y al llegar al trabajo, lleno mi termo de hot water, en casa hot water y en los restaurantes, lo mismo...

Sienta de maravilla: entona el cuerpo, relaja, elimina toxinas...


Drinking hot water is more than something's a life style! In China I learnt how important is to keep the body mosturize and how good it feels drinking hot is soupossed to purify, relax and detox your body...

/"/..\"\/"/..\"\___MoRe aRT___/"/..\"\/"/..\"\

Hoy he descubierto  el trabajo de Juliana Santa Cruz Herrera en las calles de Paris...Pothole3
y también el proyecto de Dispatchwork de Jan Vormann...

Dispatchwork2 encantan!!! yo también me quiero dedicar a esto!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

+++++++++++NeXt wEeK!+++++++++++++

Vuelta a casa después de haber hecho casi de todo en HK: paseos, foot massages, playas, chiringuitos, un poco de mercados, un poco de tiendas, pizzas caseras, desayunos deliciosos, compañía estupenda...y vuelta a Shanghai desde Shenzheng...eso no lo vuelvo a hacer! se tarda mucho y casi pierdo el avión (de nuevo)! pero el caos aeronáutico chino y sus famosos retrasos me han beneficiado esta vez!

En breve os enseñaré lo que estoy haciendo con este sofá...

goooooooooooooooood night!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

....–+–+–+–+–iN HoNg KoNg!–+–+–+–+–...

No camera, no post until...

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Feliz fin de semana a todos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011


Yo lo intento, no quiero muy malo para la salud y ademá me entienden! pero es que hay cosas, hay momentos...qué complicado es todo a veces!!


Quiero activar mi teléfono chino para poder hacer llamadas internacionales. Es un trámite en principio muy sencillo que consiste en tener un saldo de 300RMB en la tarjeta, llamar a un teléfono de Atención al cliente (en iglés!!) y dar tu número de pasaporte...

Los problemas empiezan cuando me dicen que mi número de pasaporte no es correcto (??) el nombre registrado tampoco...les digo que es imposible porque YO MISMA fuí en persona a comprar el teléfono, la tarjeta, el número, etc...que no, que no es...bueno, y qué hacemos? pues que mande un SMS a un número para que me manden un password y con ese password vuelvo a llamar y me lo solucionan. Como ya me temía, mando el SMS y recibo un SMS en chino sin password ni número alguno...Solución: personarme en la oficina de la China Mobile.

Voy...espero mientras practico los números en chino, que ya se contar hasta 19.999! Me atienden y otra vez con lo mismo, que mi número de pasaporte no está bien, y lo llevo en la enseña el número que tiene registrado, que no sé de dónde lo ha sacado porque no es de ningún documento de identidad que yo dice que no pasa nada, que me activa las llamadas por un mes y que cuando quiera volver a activarlas me pase por ahí otra vez. Le digo que ni hablar, que es una pérdida de tiempo, que haga el favor de cambiar los datos y listo.

Ya está: corto circuito.... colapso mental! que no, que no puede...y yo sé que sí se puede!!!que sí, que no...ay qué lio!! wait a moment please....viene otra chica, le explican el problema en chino y me dice que para cambiar mis datos tengo que apuntar 10 números a los que haya llamado en el último mes(o sea, que sí se puede...)!! Y qué pasa si no llamo a tanta gente?? realmente no llamo a tanta gente...apunto los números y los inspeccionan uno a uno, y hay 3 que no valen porque los llamé ayer y tienen que ser a partir de antes de ayer... Esto es lo que más rabia me da! que son super estrictos para algunas cosas y no se puede reaccionar de forma espontánea para solucionar lo que está mal hecho y muuuuchas veces las cosas están mal hechas...

En fín, paciencia...cada vez me enfado menos, y los cabreos cada vez me duran menos, total para qué? si aunque las cosas estén mal hechas al final acaban saliendo...esto es China!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

-;-.-;-.-;-.KNiTtiNG pRoJeCt n.4 aNd....-;-.-;-.-;-

Mi último proyecto se lo he dedicado a Isa que se ha ido esta mañana. Como compañera de tricot, pensé que algo tejido por mí le haría ilusión. La idea era forrar el marco y poner una foto nuestra que colgué en el blog hace tiempo en el Madame Zhu´s Kitchen, pero la resolución era baja y no quedaba bien...finalmente hice un collage con tarjetas de algunos de los sitios a los que fuimos juntas, tickets de taxi, y nosotras tomando un te en Shanghai

IMG_6736 Mi último descubrimiento fue su tarta favorita de chocolate, gracias a Thomas y Eka que trajeron dos para todos! 


...tartas, regalos, fotos, risas...y muy buenos recuerdos!!!buen vaje chicos... y mucha suerte!!!!!!  
My last knitting project was dedicated to my fiend Isa that left this morning. I didn´t have the apropiate picture for the frame, so I made a collage with some cards of the places we used to visit together plus taxi tickets and our selves having a nice tea in Shanghai! My last discovery was Isa´s fav chocolate cake, thanks to Thomas and Eka that brought two for the last dinner together...we had laughts, pictures and good memories to share...

Good luck guys!!!!miss u already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^*******^^^^^^^FooD St.*********^^^^^^^^*!*!*!

Julu Lu es una calle de lo más popular, nada más salir de casa, hay un par de ¨restaurantes¨ que preparan la comida en la calle, tienen un comedor de tres mesas y están abarrotados de xifús (taxistas) que engullen su almuerzo en 10 minutos. Pegado a estos locales, hay un mercado de comida: verduras, carne, pescado...que huele...en fín! sólo me atreví a entrar una vez aguantando la respiración para comprar un limón porque me urgí muy barato eso sí...igual un día me animo ;)!

Ayer, en frente del mercado, me encontré con este puesto ambulante:

IMG_6731 Shanghai está abarrotada de puestos cantidad de cosas que de pueden llevar en un llamó mucho la atención este hombre preparando ¨algo¨en la calle con esa bomba de acerqué y me puse a fisgar con mi frutero y otros vecinos del barrio, les pregunté: Shi shen me? qué es? y la respuesta ya no la entendí, claro...lo que me decían era que me tapase los oídos porque derrepente......
IMG_6732 BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!!!! explosión!!!jajajajajaj!!!se partían de risa conmigo que me asusté de verdad!!

Y el resultado era esto: cereales inflados, arroz, maíz y otros!


Last night I discovered how they prepare puffed rice and other cereals in the middle of the was very interesting! My chinese neighbours had so much fun watching me getting terrify by the explosion!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||phOTo shOt!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Tiago shirt

Hoy estreno mi primera prenda de Asobio y está diseñada por mi amigo Tiago!!nos hemos hecho una sesión de fotos...

Tiago venia hoy muy guapo (como siempre ;)!
Today I am wearing a shirt from Asobio designed by my friend Tiago, we took some pics also from Tiago's look wich is so nice, as usual!